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Festival Entries 1987

Chalfont and Maidenhead Festivals

Chalfont 28 April - 2 May

Maidenhead 28 April - 2 May



(Devised by The Young Theatre)
Chalfont & Maidenhead Festivals
Brian Bruises Gareth Benest
Harry the Tout Royston Northridge
Sharon Kathy Cook
Simon Andrew Brimelow
Kay Helen White
Tom Rick Warden
Sally Maria Askew
Dick Ryan Witney
Samantha Tanya Baker
Security Guard Royston Northridge
Directed by Mark Britton
by Graham Jones
Dreamjobs (Acting Edition from Amazon)
Chalfont Festival Only
Angela Jo Till
Joan Karen Ogborn
Mandy Andrea Platt
Beverly Vicky Mann
Fiona Elisabeth Brownbill
Directed by Hayley Brown
Mirrors of the Mind
(Devised by The Young Theatre)
Chalfont Festival Only
Elizabeth Alex Dobson
‘Anger’ Suzanne Holyer
‘Paranoia’ Caroline Berenzweig
‘Jealousy’ Nicola Crabb
Mrs. Collins Gina Clarke
Clare Jenny Bevan
Dr. Price Hayley Brown
Directed by Paul Bacon
There’s Always Spring
by Arthur Lovegrove
There's Always Spring (Acting Edition from Amazon)
Chalfont Festival Only
Brenda Anne-Marie Crawford
Alan Edward Thornton
Mr. Withers Mike Jefferies
Jill Nicky Michel
Ian Graham Wilkinson
Directed by Pete Machin

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