The Young Theatre (at Beaconsfield)


11th & 12th July 1986

The Curzon Centre, Maxwell Road, Beaconsfield

The Burnham Trophy

Adjudicators   |  My Fiancé is a Corpse   |  Rest in Pieces   |  Stereotypes   |  Mirrors of the Mind   |  Support Team

Adjudicators:Friday: Ian R. Wallace
  Saturday:Tony Graham (of the Bucks Advertiser)
This one-act play competition was a pre-cursor to the creation of the Burnham Trophy, which began in 1988
The winning play was Stereotypes

Something Else presented My Fiancé is a Corpse

Pat Nicki Michel
Paul Russell Brownbill
Mother Katie Toller
Henry Royston Northridge
M.Wilson Jo Fison
Director Royston Northridge
Producer Clare Murrell
Stage Manager Russell Brownbill
Lights/Sound Operator Edward Thornton
Costumes & Make-Up Tania Schadhorst
Front of House Edward Thornton, Vicky Mann, Jo Till
Programme Clare Murrell

Absolute Beginners presented Rest in Pieces

Nurse Sarah Parsons
Marigold Liz Brownbill
Mother Caroline Rumens
Father Mathew Metcalfe
Susan Amy Charles
Igor Graham Wilkinson
Jonathan Jason Humphries
Joanna Kate Till
Vic Mathew Metcalfe
Sarah Amanda Goodhew
Policeman Peter Machin
Written & Directed by Peter Machin
Produced by Graham Wilkinson
Sound & Lights Paul Swinburne
Stage & Costumes The Cast
Graphics Ric Machin

Vox devised & presented Stereotypes a Scripted improvisation

Sharon Sania Pell
Simon Andrew Brimelow
Kay Karen Ogborn
Tom Peter Fison
Sally Kathy Cook
Dick Tim Gray
Smudge‘ Tanya Baker
Ticket Tout Leona Smith
Security Guard Leona Smith
Directed by Paul Bacon
Scripted by Debbie Lewis
Stage Management Tim Gray
Sound Andrew Wagstaffe
Lighting Paul Bacon
Costume & Make-Up Kathy Cook & Cast
Production Asst. Suzanne Holyer
Graphics Kathy Cook
Props Leona Smith & Cast

Mirrors of the Mind Developed by Technically Strangers

Elizabeth Summers Clare Garnett
Liza - Anger Nicola Crabb
Liza - Jealousy Caroline Berenzweig
Liza - Paranoia Belinda Frith
Mrs. Summers Zoe Ball
Matthew Summers Jeremy Murrell
Doctor Phillips Nicola Walsh
Directors Jeremy Murrell & Nicola Walsh
Stage Manager Nicola Walsh
Make-up Design Nicola Crabb
Lighting & Sound James Birkhardt
Costume “Technically Strangers”
Graphics James Quartermaine
Original script Matthew Humberstone & Nicola Walsh
Original idea Alex Dobson

Support Team

Production & Technical Manager Tim Hill
Assisted by Ally Hill & Chris Feasey
Production Coordinator Mike Jefferies
Production Secretary Kate Gold

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