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The Young Theatre
(at Harrow)

Pilgrim ‘70

by John Challen

Friday, 19th June 1970

St. Alban’s Church Hall, North Harrow

Pilgrim '70 Production Logo

Pilgrim Cast from the programme
Pilgrim Crew from the programme
Narrators Philippa Kitchen; Richard Low
Pilgrim Sue Drane
Obstinate Sarah Bamford
Pliable Stella Stavrides
Wordly Wiseman Robert Glenister
Helpful Sandra Winwood
Ignorance Sue MacFarlane
Apollyon Kay Koré
Faithful Julia Heaton
1st Policeman Robert Glenister
2nd Policeman David Kearey
Lord Hategood Margaret Tweedy
Mr Superstition Carol Lewins
Mr Envy David Yorath
Mr Pickthank Daniel Gloor
Giant Despair Karin Yorath
His wife Pamela Franklin
Flatterer Louise Brookes
Mrs By-Ends Pamela Franklin
Mrs Hold-the-World Jill Horrocks
Daughter Susan Samuel
Mrs Money-in-Love Margot King
Mrs Save-All Sue MacFarlane
Demas Clive Saunders
Parable Performers & Dancers Margaret Tweedy, David Gulley, Karin Yorath, Simon Kearey, Julia Heaton, David Kearey, Ellen Botting, Daniel Gloor, Susan Peach, Jacob Gloor, Pamela Franklin, Stephen Connolly, Margot King, Sue MacFarlane, Louise Brookes & Karen Grout
Director Laurie Beattie
Stage Director Ian Ross
Production Manager Jacquie Russell
Lighting Kay Koré & Martin Govas
Wardrobe Supervisor Kay Koré
Make-Up Sue Pressman & Andrea Begg
Continuity Philippa Kitchen & Richard Lowe
House Manager Mr J Davis
Fireman Mr E Bottomly
Box Office Peter Lock
P.R.O. Andrew Kitchen
Musical Numbers by American Dry
Information suppplied by Sarah Bamford

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